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lightweight cardboard pedestals (“kartonnen sokkel” in Dutch)

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I’m mostly packing and unpacking my art and other exhinition materials such as pedestals on my own. I’m not the strongest person and I tire quite fast, so I’m putting a lot of effort into making these tasks as easy as possible.

The cardboard pedestals from Solits are a real saver. They are very reasonably priced, light to handle and look so good, they “fool” everyone into thinking they are from a more resilient, noble material. You can get them in various sizes and colours, and they are quite stable as they can carry approximately 70kg. If you’d need some extra weight for stability, you can purchase a water container fitting inside at the bottom of the pedestal, which you’ll fill at site (and empty when packing up).
I truly consider these pedestals one of the best solutions I’ve ever come across for a swift, easy, good looking exhibition at art fairs.

Also, check my picture below (sorry for the awful background, that’s the standard booth on a Dutch art fair)

ADAF - 2017
ADAF – 2017

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