Ik bied korte workshops op maat aan volgens uw wensen, binnen wat praktisch mogelijk is. Hieronder ziet uw een overzicht over de technieken en materialen waar ik eventueel workshops in kan geven. Workshops met verschillende handvorm-technieken in keramiek Beeld in papier-klei. Beeld in pur-schuim of papier macher Mallen in gips. Ik heb ervaring in het... Continue Reading →

Insights on Grid B Lock

  This is my first work made in my new atelier alias garage alias shed. Initially, I wanted to make a cube "globe" with on each side a symbol of our earth. But I had overestimated my welding skills (haha) alongside with buying too thin steel plates to weld. They simply melted away. Having finally... Continue Reading →

An Introduction

January 2013 kick-off I'm doing my best as an artist to leave a mark on the European art scene, which is going to take some time and effort. Indeed, I'll start with one country and work my way from there. I'm located in Holland which has a rich artistic heritage and a tradition of exchange... Continue Reading →

My links

  Links & keywords Additional information Helpful resources lightweight cardboard pedestals ("kartonnen sokkel" in Dutch) Online purchase I'm mostly packing and unpacking my art and other exhinition materials such as pedestals on my own. I'm not the strongest person and I tire quite fast, so I'm putting a lot of effort into making these... Continue Reading →

Curriculum Vitae

I'm currently working on updating this quite outdated information (18th of March 2021).On this page, jump directly to: Exhibitions, shows, fairs, events and art community memberships Education Courses, trainings & workshops Professional Other What happened between Nationale Kunstdagen 2015 & 2016? SBB graduation maybe? Notitie van pandemie-jaar "Back to top" omdat het een heel lange... Continue Reading →

Insights on Experiments (I)

One of my great pleasures is to experiment with materials and techniques. Usually I'm wrestling with the realization of a work, wondering about what materials I should use, like what texture, feel and expressiveness would it have. I then regularly set out with something I've never used or tried before and end up with something... Continue Reading →

Welcome (old)

(old version, replaced with this new one on 23 march 2019) I'm a Danish artist based in Holland with a preference for sculptural art. I'm driven by the material and experimentations. I mostly work with "earth" materials such as metal, ceramics and wood with excursions into glass. However, I'm also using "art-ificial" materials as they... Continue Reading →

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