NULLLLL Arts fair

5-7 october 2018, booth 12, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

“Back to basics” arts fair

Last year at the “Nationale Kunstdagen 2017” art fair in Nieuwegein, I was approached by people who thought my art would be a good contribution for their yet to be art fair. They disliked the current formula predominant in the Dutch art fair world, where the artist basically pays all expenses against a not so nice art booth in an exceedingly crowded hall. They wanted to give back the art fair to the artists and their art. From their concept the art fair “NULLLLL” was born. However, I’m not going to copy their mission statement here, but please do also visit their website for more information.

Bird II
Recycled materials (spoons, fork, tools etc), welded, 2015

Obviously, I’m enormously excited to be part of this very first edition, and I’m looking so much forward to being there. I hope to welcome you there too. On the NULLLLL facebook site, I’ve seen a lot of interesting and intriguing art from other international and national artists exhibiting there, it is absolutely worth a visit.

I’ll be there with my “old metal & tools” beasts and my ceramics-metal hybrid sculptures and some latest additions: semi-abstract ceramic tile reliefs.

Blown up cut out of a much bigger abstract ceramic tile relief.
Blown up cut out of a much bigger abstract ceramic tile relief.




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