Nationale Kunstdagen 2015

12 – 13 November , 2016

AHOY, Rotterdam

Organised by: Nationale Kunstdagen

I was aiming for my second Regionale Kunstdagen art fair in 2014 but “life happened” and I had to cancel my participation. At that moment, I was told I’d qualified for participation in the annual Nationale Kunstdagen art fair due to the quality of my work shown at the Regionale Kunstdagen art fair back in 2013. My art did not have to be vetted by a selection committee and I was welcome at all future Nationale Kunstdagen art fairs. Go figure! Of course I’m seizing the moment to participate now. Besides, I love Rotterdam!

I’ve been busy soldering and welding old tools and other scrap metal into crude yet very “lively” creatures of arachnid or insect “descent”, two birds, and a funny piece from scraps from a wall clock. Also, I still have my Grid(B)lock, Community and Diane to show. Just enough for 4 m2; “less is more” when it comes to exhibitions.

The fair is mainly a showcase of your work and though sale is an objective too, it is not like a marked place. If your work stirs the interest of the visitors, they’ll take your business card contact you on a later moment. I’m thus overjoyed, because I’ve sold one of my little beasts II (no. 9) at the fair.

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