My time with the BIB Art Community

A retrospective December 2011 - December 2016 Shortly after the graduation from the art academy and art teacher academy, it became obvious to me, that I missed the vibrant and inspirational company of fellow artists. I looked for artist communities in the bigger cities such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Leiden, but realised, that the distance... Continue Reading →

Insights on Grid B Lock

  This is my first work made in my new atelier alias garage alias shed. Initially, I wanted to make a cube "globe" with on each side a symbol of our earth. But I had overestimated my welding skills (haha) alongside with buying too thin steel plates to weld. They simply melted away. Having finally... Continue Reading →

Insights on Experiments (I)

One of my great pleasures is to experiment with materials and techniques. Usually I'm wrestling with the realization of a work, wondering about what materials I should use, like what texture, feel and expressiveness would it have. I then regularly set out with something I've never used or tried before and end up with something... Continue Reading →

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