Transition II

"Transition II", 2007, steel, digital art, printer paper, acrylic paint

This depicts a moment in my life where I was in a transition and it is definitely autobiographical.

More abstractly, the work symbols the past, the now and the present and how you can always look back and forward. But looking is not the same as being there, what is behind is part of you yet now unattainable. Likewise with what is ahead of you, you can partly glimpse it, but not yet grasp it, though one day it will be part of you. Between the two is you in transition.

The windows symbols the fact that you never see it all, you only get to see a part of the past or the future. The further the distance in time the smaller the window will be, the less you’ll see. You’ll only see the nucleus of the matter.

There is no regret, no apprehension, no judgment, only observation, experiencing, reflection. In a sense it is a positive, confident outlook on the future, and at peace with the past.

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