‘t Overbosch 2016

One of my favourite art manifestations is the small, low-key “Kunst in ‘t Overbosch” (‘Art in the Overwood”) in Voorhout, the Netherlands.

Each year, during a weekend in August, this little wood is host to 20-30 local artists, working “plein air” on various pieces of arts in an impressive variety of techniques. The wood provides the inspiration for the works, and sometimes itself being the “canvas” for installations and land-art.

The ceramic tile mosaics pictured here are made during the 2016 edition of “Kunst in ‘t Overbosch” (of which there are no reference to in their archive, weird enough.)

One is an interpretation of the wood and the canal delimiting the wood at one side. It’s a bas-relief realised by pressing branches and leaves into the wet clay and later adding metal-oxides for colour and glaze for resistance and better colour expression.

The other is a very direct reference to the wood. It is simply an impression of the bark of a tree  in the wood, subsequently coloured with metal-oxides and finished with a thin layer of glaze.

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