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Recycled forks & hamer head. Welded. 2015

I’m a Danish artist based in Holland with a preference for sculptural art. I’m driven by the material and experimentations. I mostly work with “earth” materials such as metal, ceramics and wood with excursions into glass. However, I’m also using “art-ificial” materials as they are great to experiment with.

No title, experiment, 2009. Felt, steel
No title, experiment, 2009. Felt, steel

People often ask “what is it?” when confronted with my work. Well, it’s “nothing,” it’s just a composition of materials using mixed techniques. My work is a reflection of a learning process through exploration in materials and techniques: what is possible? How far can I “bend” the material or technique, until it feels right to me? It can be figurative, abstract, functional or any cross-over hereof.

"Community", december 2011, january 2012, unglazed stoneware.
“Community”, december 2011, january 2012, unglazed stoneware.
Close-up of 2nd community member


I’m definitely not minimalistic but I do like to minimize the “decoration” of the material I’m using, letting the material express itself. Otherwise I get the impression that my material is just the carrier, the medium, like a canvas of a painting.

Take a look at my portfolio and if your curiosity is stirred you can read the insights on my art and An IntroductionAbout Me on my motivations, fascinations and inspirations as well as a dry CV.

I would love comments and suggestions and not to forget: corrections of my English are very welcome.

Lisbeth Jørgensen Veillat (LJV)

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