I’m a Danish artist who was based in Holland for some 24 odd years and am now living in Normandy, France (since november 2020). I’m greatly inspired and fascinated by this mix of environments and the obvious and the subtle differences and concurrencies in the way of expressing whatever needs to be expressed. It has become a kind of nerdy obsession of mine to observe the way individuals of any community are expressing themselves.

I do make excursions into drawing and painting occasionally, but my clear preference lies in making sculptural art.

I like to get my hands dirty and prefer to work with “earth” materials such as metal, ceramics, wood, natural fibers and glass as they have a feel and smell that is greatly appealing to me.

I explore the limits and potentials and the expressiveness of the materials in a constant learning process. Every work is a snapshot of that process; no piece is ever an end piece.

My work is a composition of above materials using any technique suitable and can be figurative, abstract, functional or a combination thereof. My visual language takes its cues from nature and architecture, blending organic with structural elements, thus reflecting my fascinations for the building blocks of all around me. Essentially, I like to construct and bring life to my construction. Lately, my own yearning for an illusive point on the horizon has translated into “rhythmic”, “fluid” and “reaching” organic forms with repetitive elements.

“Community”, december 2011, january 2012, unglazed stoneware.
Close-up of 2nd community member

My instinct is to cut away distractions such as decorative elements to concretize the visualised idea. The result is an earnest visual language. However, just as I’m not a static person, my art is showing a new development towards more “fun,” a tentative exploration of a “shy extravaganza”. Texture is making its entrée.

Please enjoy my never-ending journey by taking a look at my portfolio and if your curiosity is stirred you can dive in and read the insights on my art and more about me on my motivations, fascinations and inspirations as well as a dry CV.

Thank you
Lisbeth Jørgensen Veillat

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