Photo on 2013-05-06 at 15.36 #4 copyI’m a Danish artist based in Holland with a preference for sculptural art. I’m driven by the material and experimentations. I mostly work with “earth” materials such as metal, ceramics and wood with excursions into glass. However, I’m also Recycled forks & hamer head. Welded. 2015using “art-ificial” materials as they are great to experiment with.

People often ask “what is it?” when confronted with my work. Well, it’s “nothing,” it’s just a composition of materials using mixed techniques. My work is a reflection of a learning process through exploration in materials and techniques: what is possible? How far can I “bend” the material or technique, until it feels No title, experiment, 2009, steelright to me? It can be figurative, abstract, functional or any cross-over hereof.

I’m definitely not minimalistic but I do like to minimize the “decoration” of the material I’m using, letting the material express itself. Otherwise I get the impression that my material is just the carrier, the medium, like a canvas of a painting.

Take a look at my portfolio and if your curiosity is stirred you can read the insights on my art and About Me on my motivations, fascinations and inspirations as well as a dry CV.

I would love comments and suggestions and not to forget: corrections of my English are very welcome.

Lisbeth Jørgensen Veillat (LJV)

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